Dear Mr. Steinmeier,

the northern Syrian cityKobanê has been largely destroyed during the fighting withthe militiaof the so-called'Islamic State'. Kobanê and region is surroundedin three directions bythe troopsof 'IS'. Close to the north of the city lies theborder crossing to Turkey. In order to allow humanitarian aidand the reconstruction ofKobanê, a permanent openingof the border crossingto Turkeyis indispensable, especially forthe returned 100000 people inKobanê.
Supplying the population withfood and medical suppliesas well as clean-up operations cannot besufficiently at present. Thereis a lack of drinking water andfood becausesupplies usually may not pass the border crossing. A permanentopening of the border crossing is necessary to effectively use aid, equipment and materials as well asassistants on-site.

TheGovernment of Turkeymay order the full openingof the border crossing. To move the authorities in Ankarato take this step, we need the commitment of thefederal government, in particular thediplomatic skillof the foreign minister.
The signatories callon theForeign Minister Mr.Steinmeier herebyto stand up to that and affect the Turkish government forthe full and permanent opening of the border crossing afterKobanê to avoid another humanitarian tragedy.

Why is this important?

People in Kobanê suffer distress, although the needed supplies are a few kilometers away from the border. Idris Nassan (Deputy Foreign Minister of Kobanê / Rojava) confirmed in person (on 5
thMay 2015) that there is no running water and no electricity. Not even medication may pass the Turkish border posts. If occasionally a little help arrives, that's just a drop in the bucket.
The closed border prevented the rebuilding of the city, which stands for its democratic self-government as an alternative in middle of the war zone. Together with two other cantons this area is called Rojava, in which a social contract protects the fundamental rights of all people. As an initiative 'A school for Kobanê' (, we want to support the children of Kobanê. Our goal is to support the establishment of a democratic education, to support a peaceful perspective for the region. To make this possible, the border must be opened.

How will the signaturesbe passed?

Mr.Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier will get the collected signatures personally. For this, the press will be invited.